Monday, July 26, 2004

a friend told me a spanish erasmus student did a lot of these before she went back home. very nice.

it was good to see this when i saw it. faculdade de belas artes, porto.

my pooch.

literally translated this means.... "i baked a cake... come inside". it was on the door of an abandoned house. ^_^

Sunday, July 25, 2004

sculptures in the garden of faculdade de belas artes.

puppet, by me.

dheo. active and prolific as usal ;)


yoda.... just meters from my house.


i've seen some stencils with catch-phrases telling people to sqat abandoned houses. this is one such case.

same as below

just after a dnb party, ed rush. saw this when i was trying to get an earplug out, that had gone way into my ear... so i had to use a car-key :\ 10 meters away from swing, a club in porto.

another klash sticker.

nice pattern.

massarelos, porto.

street newspapers are kind of in decline. i'm glad i found this. bonfim, porto.

sticker, piolho, porto.

sticker, cedofeita, porto.

Friday, June 25, 2004

sticker, probably stencilled, unknown artist, cedofeita, porto.

stencil, unknown artist, cedofeita, porto.

meters.... rua passos manuel, porto.

once again, it's difficult to frame a picture without seeing the screen and with the sun in your face... i'll try to improve though.

cedofeita, porto.

statue on a roof. view from a restaurant i work part-time.

detail of decoration in old building, cedofeita, porto.

i've seen a lot of stuf by na�f around, i like most of it. this is near antero de quental, porto.

ladybug, unknown artist, miragaia, porto.

tagged sticker. i like the fleur de lis.... it always has its charm. do a search on google and you'll be amazed at how many times and how many different places it has popped up throughout history.

stencil, unknown artist. simple, dodgy execution, underspray :\ i like it anyway.

wasted, early one morning.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

same as below

while working...

toilet facilities @ faculdade de belas artes, porto. i went there to see the football game with some friends that study there, and get wasted (25cents a beer). these were stuck to each of the 3 or 4 urinals, inside an already pretty interestingly decorates wc. i'm not ironizing, it really is. anyway, some of these had captions with teacher's names on.

chinese store. undisclosed location. this one is for when i get some spare change. *sigh*

same as below.

trindade, porto. minutes before fc porto - monaco. :D

old skool...

Monday, May 24, 2004

this is a new urban tribe i found.... they live in the garden at palacio de cristal (porto) and if u lay in the sun for a while, and don't make much noise u might see them. they're peaceful, and seem to like all kinds of music.

(2011 reminiscence, partly salvaged from a comment made by an alter-ego... Ernesto Salles:)

taken with a digital camera and not the cell phone... when i saw it together with the other pictures, i couldn't help but notice the difference... even on a smaller version. medium, message, yeah, i could make this look like it was taken on a cellphone, for aesthetic coherence of this blog, but... not really my thing.

my studio's window when i got there to get some sleep after hours of bouncing around and taking the pictures below on the way home.

unknown artist. very nice.

stickers. unknown artists. around my neighborhood, cedofeita, porto, portugal.

couldn't get a better picture, altough i did try... it was 9 in the morning after a party, i wasn't about to start climbing things...

sticky tag.

another berkdesignz sticker. been done, but nice.

sticky tag.

stickers... one by dheo, the others tags... i couldn't really frame the picture because these were stuck high on a traffic sign so i couldn't see the screen on the cellphone. so... composition is pure luck.

stickers. unknown artists. around my neighborhood, cedofeita, porto, portugal.